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Top Flutter Device Preview, Screen Capture and Screenshot packages

Following Flutter packages can be used to emulate Flutter app previews on different devices, and can also provide convenient ways to take Screenshot or perform Screen Capture.

device_preview Card Image
Null safety 👍 2.4K

Approximate how your Flutter app looks and performs on another device.

Null safety 👍 718

Flutter Screenshot Package (Runtime). Capture any Widget as an image.

davinci Card Image
Null safety 👍 112

A package to convert any widget to an image which can be saved locally or can be shared to other apps and chats.

device_frame Card Image
Null safety 👍 79

Mockups for common devices.

Null safety 👍 66

Record your Flutter widgets and export the recordings as a GIF

Null safety 👍 55

Flutter plugin that allows you to detect mobile screenshot and execute callback functions on iOS and Android.

Null safety 👍 51

This pub lets you share any kind of files (csv, mp4, png etc), take screenshot of the widgets you want and return as Image and share them directly as well in the form of an image.

Null safety 👍 41

A simple plugin to take screenshots using native code (iOS & Android).

Null safety 👍 34

Safe Data Leakage via Application Background Screenshot and Prevent Screenshot for Android and iOS.

Null safety 👍 34

Catch screen capture (Screenshot & Screen Record) event for Android and iOS

Null safety 👍 29

A simple package to convert any of your widgets into an image.

Null safety 👍 29

Screen Recorder for Flutter. This plug-in requires Android SDK 21+ and iOS 10+

flutter_web_frame Card Image
Null safety 👍 26

Make Limit content size in Flutter Web/Desktop/PWA, Make your app that doesn't support responsiveness more focused on content

Null safety 👍 22

Provides three related functions that disable screenshots. These are: screenshot monitoring, adding a watermark globally, disabling screenshots

Null safety 👍 13

A plugin to handle screen capture events on android and ios devices

Null safety 👍 11

A plugin for device_preview package that allows to embed storybook_flutter.

Null safety 👍 8

A plugin for device_preview that allows to take screenshots.

👍 174

DeviceSimulator allows you to easily test your Flutter app for different screen resolutions and platforms.

👍 90

Auto-generation of screenshots for Apple and Play Stores using emulators, simulators and real devices. Includes support for multiple locales and framing. Compatible with fastlane.

👍 62

A fast, easy and cool way to share you flutter project with the world.