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flex_color_scheme Card Image
Null safety 👍 951

A Flutter package to use and make beautiful Material design based themes.

adaptive_theme Card Image
Null safety 👍 314

Allows to change between light and dark theme dynamically and add system adaptive theme support.

animated_theme_switcher Card Image
Null safety 👍 265

Flutter animated theme switcher, that help to create beautiful transactions during the theme switch.

Null safety 👍 234

Easy to use and customizable Theme Provider. This Widget can be used to easily provide a theme controller across the widget tree.

day_night_switcher Card Image
Null safety 👍 98

A simple day / night switcher widget made in pure Dart. Allows to quickly show a beautiful dark mode switcher widget to your users.

easy_dynamic_theme Card Image
Null safety 👍 89

Automatically get your OS defined Theme (Dynamic), force your prefered one (Light / Dark) and persist your choice in the device.

Null safety 👍 77

A set of classes to help you better manage Themes in flutter

flutter_animated_theme Card Image
Null safety 👍 39

Animate theme change with circular, scale and fade animations

themed Card Image
Null safety 👍 34

The themed package lets you define a theme with const values, and then, by using some dark Dart magic, go and change them dynamically anyway.

Null safety 👍 28

A library to dynamically generate a ThemeData object from a JSON file or dynamic map object

dynamic_color_theme Card Image
Null safety 👍 26

Dynamically change your color theme, including light and dark mode. Persist the colors across restarts.

random_color_scheme Card Image
Null safety 👍 23

Generate light and dark color schemes to help you theme an app.

dynamic_themes Card Image
Null safety 👍 23

Allows you to specify a number of color themes for the user to choose from. Persits the selected theme across app restarts.

Null safety 👍 18

Flutter widget to change 'themeMode' during runtime and persist it across restarts

theme_manager Card Image
Null safety 👍 15

A theme manager for light, dark, and system themes. Change the theme dynamically and the selected theme will be persisted.

flutter_redux_dev_tools Card Image
Null safety 👍 10

A Time Traveling Redux Debugger for Flutter

Null safety 👍 4

Color Blindness on Flutter. Works with either color scheme or individual colors.

dynamic_theme Card Image
👍 139

Changes the theme during runtime, also presists brightness settings across restarts

thememode_selector Card Image
👍 47

A widget to select between light and dark ThemeMode (in development, but working fine)

👍 30

A flutter plugin for persisting the theme data. Support for Dark Mode.

theme_mode_builder Card Image
👍 21

A Flutter package for handling theme in an app and also saving it on the device in a hive box.

day_night_switch Card Image
👍 19

A day night switch widget for Flutter.

👍 16

An opinionated Flutter theming solution, building on modern Material and Scandinavian principles.