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Null safety 👍 2861

Flutter plugin for getting commonly used locations on host platform file systems, such as the temp and app data directories.

Null safety 👍 799

A string-based path manipulation library. All of the path operations you know and love, with solid support for Windows, POSIX (Linux and Mac OS X), and the web.

Null safety 👍 542

A plug-in that can call native APP to open files with string result in flutter, support iOS(UTI) / android(intent) / PC(ffi) / web(dart:html)

Null safety 👍 141

A pluggable, mockable file system abstraction for Dart. Supports local file system access, as well as in-memory file systems, record-replay file systems, and chroot file systems.

file_manager Card Image
Null safety 👍 65

FileManager is a wonderful widget that allows you to manage files and folders, pick files and folders, and do a lot more. Designed to feel like part of the Flutter framework.

Null safety 👍 61

A local file view widget,Support a variety of file types, such as Doc Eexcl PPT TXT and so on,Android is implemented by Tencent X5,iOS is implemented by WKWebView

Null safety 👍 41

A flutter plugin to get internal, external storage and external public directory path.

Null safety 👍 34

Flutter plugin to get the download directory for Android modified for sdk version 28+.

Null safety 👍 26

Flutter plugin for getting Android directories. (Downloads, Movies, Pictures...)

Null safety 👍 24

Cross-Platform file downloader for Dart and Flutter projects.

Null safety 👍 20

Opendocument generate a folder and open the pdf, xlsx, docs, ppt and zip files, you can also locate your MyFilesScreen implement file and for style use StyleMyFile.

👍 59

Flutter plugin to get the download directory for Android.

👍 48

A flutter plugin to get image, audio, video and files path.

👍 37

A flutter plugin that finds the absolute path of a file in iOS or Android devices.

👍 20

App files directory, root storage, and available space for ext storage and SD card on Android