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Top Flutter Storybook or Component Driven UI Development packages

Last updated: May 20, 2023

Component driven UI development is a methodology for building user interfaces that focuses on creating self-contained, reusable components. Or in terms of Flutter, we can say every component of UI, i.e., a widget is built in isolation. Thus, you don't need to spin up the whole Flutter app just to see how they render. You can render a specific variation in isolation by passing in props, mocking data, or faking events. This approach can help to make your code more maintainable and testable, and can make it easier to create complex UIs.

This development paradigm was made popular by Storybook.js and Flutter packages like Storybook, Dashbook, Widgetbook, etc. have made it possible for Flutter developers.

The complete list of Component Driven UI development Flutter packages is provided below.

widgetbook Card Image
Null safety 👍 334
Maintenance Status: Good

A flutter storybook that helps professionals and teams to catalogue their widgets.

storybook_flutter Card Image
Null safety 👍 238
Maintenance Status: Good

A storybook for Flutter widgets. Live preview of isolated widgets for faster development and showcase.

dashbook Card Image
Null safety 👍 93
Maintenance Status: Good

A showcase/sandbox library to help you build isolated widgets in Flutter

Null safety 👍 71
Maintenance Status: Good

Code generator for Monarch. Monarch is a tool for building Flutter widgets in isolation. It makes it easy to build, test and debug complex UIs.

Null safety 👍 35
Maintenance Status: Good

A storyboard tool to accelerate the development of Flutter widgets.

Null safety 👍 13
Maintenance Status: Good

A package to automate setup and maintanance of the widgetbook package by using code generation.

Null safety 👍 10
Maintenance Status: Good

A package featuring the annotations used by widgetbook_generator.

demoflu Card Image
Null safety 👍 5
Maintenance Status: Good

Package demo builder. Web application to display package widgets usage.

flutter_design Card Image
Null safety 👍 23
Maintenance Status: Average

A complete framework with tools to help you bootstrap your design system.

Null safety 👍 7
Maintenance Status: Average

Annotations for Monarch. Monarch is a tool for building Flutter widgets in isolation. It makes it easy to build, test and debug complex UIs.

Null safety 👍 4
Maintenance Status: Average

A package that combines commonly used models from the widgetbook packages.

Null safety 👍 27
Maintenance Status: Poor

Faster iterative development of Flutter user interfaces by isolating widgets from your app.