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Top Flutter Document Scanner packages

Last updated: May 12, 2024

Mobile document scanning has gained a lot of momentum the last few years as it is the most affordable way to digitize physical documents. This process uses the device camera to capture image, followed by application of algorithms to obtain the final image or pdf that appears like a scanned copy of the document.

The complete list of Flutter Document Scanner, Paper Scanner and Cam Scanner packages is provided below.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 949
Maintenance Status: Good

A Flutter plugin to use all APIs from Google's standalone ML Kit for mobile platforms.

edge_detection Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 260
Maintenance Status: Good

A flutter plugin to detect edges of objects, scan paper, detect corner, detect rectangle. It allows cropping of the detected object image and returns the path of the cropped image.

flutter_tesseract_ocr Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 152
Maintenance Status: Good

Tesseract 4 adds a new neural net (LSTM) based OCR engine which is focused on line recognition. It has unicode (UTF-8) support, and can recognize more than 100 languages.

cunning_document_scanner Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 128
Maintenance Status: Good

A document scanner plugin for flutter. Scan and crop automatically on iOS and Android.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 87
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter plugin for the Genius Scan SDK for iOS and Android. It allows scanning paper documents using a smartphone camera.

flutter_document_scanner Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 85
Maintenance Status: Good

A Flutter plugin that allows the management of taking, cropping and applying filters to an image, using the camera plugin

Dart 3 compatible 👍 76
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter plugin of the Scanbot Scanner SDK for Android and iOS. Provides functionality like Document Scanning, QR and Barcode Scanning, PDF Creation, TIFF, OCR, etc.

flutter_scalable_ocr Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 74
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter scalable OCR package is a wrapper around google_mlkit_text_recognition where you can partialy select part of camera which text will be processed of.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 28
Maintenance Status: Good

This is a flutter module for Regula document reader. It allows you to easily scan documents, for example passport, using your phone's camera. Supports Android and iOS.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 11
Maintenance Status: Good

QuickCapture AI Based Mobile Document Scanning plugin for Flutter From Extrieve.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 6
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter plugin of the Docutain Scanner SDK for Android and iOS. High quality document scanning, data extraction, text recognition and PDF creation for your apps.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 122
Maintenance Status: Average

Flutter plugin for Google ML Kit on-device vision apis. It includes barcode scanning, image labeling, text recognition and face detection.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 12
Maintenance Status: Average

A package that allows you to Scan any kind of documents that have any mrz format

Dart 3 compatible 👍 145
Maintenance Status: Poor

A android & ios document scanner & auto detector plugin for flutter.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 104
Maintenance Status: Poor

A flutter widget that show the camera stream and allow ML vision recognition on it, it allow you to detect barcodes, labels, text, faces...

Dart 3 compatible 👍 82
Maintenance Status: Poor

A plugin that creates a native platform view that scans documents, as a flutter widget.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 37
Maintenance Status: Poor

The easy way to use ML Kit for text recognition in Flutter.