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Top Flutter Flutter Framework packages

Last updated: May 20, 2023

Flutter frameworks are packages built on top of Flutter that provide more than one of the below listed features:

  • pre-built widgets,
  • utilities,
  • services,
  • state management,
  • navigation,
  • dependency injection,
  • internationalization,
  • and various additional useful features.

These frameworks help in rapidly prototyping Flutter applications which can save developers time and reduce lines of code (increases maintainability).

The complete list of Flutter framework packages is provided below.

Null safety 👍 12.14K
Maintenance Status: Good

Open screens/snackbars/dialogs without context, manage states and inject dependencies easily with GetX.

Null safety 👍 1.28K
Maintenance Status: Good

The framework to build testable, scalable and maintainable flutter apps

velocity_x Card Image
Null safety 👍 1.16K
Maintenance Status: Good

A minimalist Flutter framework for rapidly building custom designs.

Null safety 👍 516
Maintenance Status: Good

Official CLI for GetX™ framework to build Flutter and Server Applications easily

Null safety 👍 244
Maintenance Status: Good

A package that contains some default implementations of services required for a cleaner implementation of the Stacked Architecture.

Null safety 👍 190
Maintenance Status: Good

To develop apps using a framework following the MVC design pattern separating the app's 'interface' from its 'business logic' and from its 'data source' if any.

Null safety 👍 122
Maintenance Status: Good

A powerful State Management, Dependency Injection, Reactive programming and Navigation for Flutter apps.

elementary Card Image
Null safety 👍 120
Maintenance Status: Good

This is architecture library with the main goal to split code between different responsibility layers, make code clear, simple, readable and easy testable.

Null safety 👍 32
Maintenance Status: Good

Clean Architecture components library, inspired on the guidelines created by Uncle Bob.

Null safety 👍 30
Maintenance Status: Good

Event Architecture - A multithread event driven clean architecture framework

Null safety 👍 8
Maintenance Status: Good

Open screens/snackbars/dialogs/drawer without context /open and close drawer or end drawer/check form is valid or save it, with MitX.

Null safety 👍 0
Maintenance Status: Good

Project structure generator

👍 41
Maintenance Status: Poor

An all-in-one package for state management, reactive objects, animations, effects, timed widgets etc.