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Null safety 👍 200

Wrapper for the iOS HealthKit and Android GoogleFit services.

Null safety 👍 141

A Pedometer and Step Detection package for Android and iOS. Step count is streamed as the platform updates it.

Null safety 👍 60

A Flutter plugin for collecting noise from the phone's microphone.

Null safety 👍 33

Helps to write or read data from Apple Health via HealthKit framework.

Null safety 👍 24

Flutter plugin for reading step count data. Wraps HealthKit on iOS and GoogleFit on Android.

Null safety 👍 7

Health Kit provides a data platform with fitness and health open capabilities, so that developers can build related apps and services based on a multitude of data types.

Null safety 👍 6

CARP health sampling package. Samples health data from Apple Health or Google Fit.

Null safety 👍 6

Air quality index from the World's Air Quality Index (WAQI) service.