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Top Flutter Windows packages

Last updated: May 20, 2023

The complete list of Dart and Flutter packages that can help you build a better Flutter Windows App is provided below.

bitsdojo_window Card Image
Null safety 👍 737
Maintenance Status: Good

A package to help with creating custom windows with Flutter desktop (custom border, titlebar and minimize/maximize/close buttons) and common desktop window operations (show/hide/position on screen) for Windows and macOS

Null safety 👍 619
Maintenance Status: Good

A Dart library for accessing common Win32 APIs using FFI. No C required!

Null safety 👍 570
Maintenance Status: Good

A command-line tool that create Msix installer from your flutter windows-build files.

Null safety 👍 492
Maintenance Status: Good

This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to resizing and repositioning the window.

flutter_acrylic Card Image
Null safety 👍 382
Maintenance Status: Good

Window acrylic, mica & transparency effects for Flutter on Windows, macOS & Linux.

system_tray Card Image
Null safety 👍 182
Maintenance Status: Good

system_tray that makes it easy to customize tray and work with your Flutter desktop app.

webview_windows Card Image
Null safety 👍 153
Maintenance Status: Good

A WebView2-powered webview implementation for the Windows platform.

desktop Card Image
Null safety 👍 124
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter design standard for desktop. Just simple, usable wigdets to create apps. See the gallery for examples of the components used.

Null safety 👍 113
Maintenance Status: Good

This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to defines system tray.

Null safety 👍 105
Maintenance Status: Good

A flutter plugin that create and manager multi window in desktop.

windows_taskbar Card Image
Null safety 👍 82
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter plugin serving utilities related to Windows taskbar.

Null safety 👍 66
Maintenance Status: Good

This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to Auto launch on startup / login.

local_notifier Card Image
Null safety 👍 53
Maintenance Status: Good

This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to displaying local notifications.

Null safety 👍 39
Maintenance Status: Good

This plugin allows Flutter apps to register and handle custom protocols (i.e. deep linking).

Null safety 👍 26
Maintenance Status: Good

a flutter plugin that allows users to create and display toast notifications to notification center on the Windows operating system.

Null safety 👍 17
Maintenance Status: Good

Compile and run a Flutter app without needing any C/C++ code. Just Dart!

Null safety 👍 17
Maintenance Status: Good

Allow your flutter desktop application to perceive whether the window is activated.

Null safety 👍 95
Maintenance Status: Average

A package for adding multi window support to Flutter on Desktop.

Null safety 👍 62
Maintenance Status: Average

This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to defines system/inapp wide hotkey (i.e. shortcut).

flutter_window_close Card Image
Null safety 👍 51
Maintenance Status: Average

Let your Flutter app has a chance to confirm if the user wants to close your app.

desktop_context_menu Card Image
Null safety 👍 36
Maintenance Status: Average

A plugin that opens a context menu on the cursor position.

Null safety 👍 128
Maintenance Status: Poor

Windows95 UI components for Flutter apps. Bring back the nostalgic look and feel of old operating systems with this set of UI components ready to use.

Null safety 👍 41
Maintenance Status: Poor

Create installable desktop apps