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Top Flutter Command Line (CLI) or Console packages

Last updated: April 2, 2024

Dart & Flutter ecosystem contains various packages that can help you build Command Line Interface (console or terminal) apps and also provide various CLI tools to enhance your development experience from automating repetitive tasks to simplifying complex workflows. These packages unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity, and providing a powerful and flexible alternative to graphical user interfaces. Dive into our curated list of Dart & Flutter packages that can help you harness the power of CLI tools and build awesome CLI apps.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 571
Maintenance Status: Good

A Very Good Command-Line Interface for Dart created by Very Good Ventures.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 340
Maintenance Status: Good

Library for defining parsers for parsing raw command-line arguments into a set of options and values using GNU and POSIX style options.

mason_cli Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 290
Maintenance Status: Good

Mason CLI allows developers to create and consume reusable templates called bricks.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 187
Maintenance Status: Good

Dart console SDK - write console (cli) apps/scripts using dart.

xterm Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 156
Maintenance Status: Good

xterm.dart is a fast and fully-featured terminal emulator for Flutter applications, with support for mobile and desktop platforms.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 65
Maintenance Status: Good

A library to help in building Dart command-line apps.

cli_completion Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 46
Maintenance Status: Good

Completion functionality for Dart Command-Line Interfaces built using CommandRunner.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 46
Maintenance Status: Good

Architecture_CLI is a package designed to streamline the folder structure creation process

Dart 3 compatible 👍 44
Maintenance Status: Good

This project is one CLI for integrate Flutter and Dart with Clean Architecture

Dart 3 compatible 👍 39
Maintenance Status: Good

CLI utility that generates a folder structure to reduce the repetitive work required to setup directories for models, services, repositories, screens and widgets.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 32
Maintenance Status: Good

The official dev tools for the Stacked Framework

Dart 3 compatible 👍 29
Maintenance Status: Good

REPL (interactive shell) for Dart, supporting 3rd party packages, hot reload, and full grammar

Dart 3 compatible 👍 15
Maintenance Status: Good

CLI utilities for Elementary

Dart 3 compatible 👍 14
Maintenance Status: Good

Parse command line arguments directly into an annotation class using the power of build_runner and source_gen.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 4
Maintenance Status: Good

A powerful CLI tool that allows Bluesky Social's APIs to be executed from the command line powered by Dart language.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 1
Maintenance Status: Good

Dart CLI for generate commit messages with OpenAI

interact Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 70
Maintenance Status: Average

A collection of customizable interactive command-line components.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 42
Maintenance Status: Average

A package to add shell command completion to your Dart application

tint Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 28
Maintenance Status: Average

A library for terminal string styling as an extension on `String`.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 28
Maintenance Status: Average

A command line tool that provides ease of setting up a Flutter project.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 66
Maintenance Status: Poor

A library for common features required by console applications, including color formatting, keyboard input, and progress bars.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 33
Maintenance Status: Poor

Create beautiful and powerful CLI prompts in Inquirer.js style and test them.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 25
Maintenance Status: Poor

Wrapper over dart:io APIs that supports additional features.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 24
Maintenance Status: Poor

Rich, simple, synchronous command-line prompt library for Dart.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 24
Maintenance Status: Poor

Colorize console output