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Null safety 👍 3431

Flutter library to load and cache network images. Can also be used with placeholder and error widgets.

Null safety 👍 865

Generic cache manager for flutter. Saves web files on the storages of the device and saves the cache info using sqflite.

flutter_cached_pdfview Card Image
Null safety 👍 258

A package to show Native PDF View for iOS and Android, support Open from a different resource like Path, Asset or Url and Cache it.

Null safety 👍 164

http cache lib for Flutter dio like RxCache.It use sqflite as disk cache,and google/quiver-dart/LRU strategy as memory cache.

Null safety 👍 105

A new flutter plugin that is virtually a clone of official video_player plugin except that it supports caching( Android and iOS)

Null safety 👍 82

A library for loading images from network, resizing as per container size and caching while being memory sensitive.

Null safety 👍 81

API Cache Manager is a Utility package built with Flutter SDK and SQLite Package. This package will help to make your Rest API store in the local db for offline access.

Null safety 👍 60

A Flutter plugin for fetching Firestore documents with read from cache first then server.

Null safety 👍 32

Plugin for 'flutter_map' providing advanced caching functionality, with ability to download map regions for offline use.

Null safety 👍 30

CacheManager implementation for firebase_storage. Uses the gs:// as key and translates to https://

Null safety 👍 30

Dart package with build-in code generation. Simplifies and speedup creation of cache mechanism for dart classes.

Null safety 👍 30

Cache manager to store local cache. Cache manager is wrapper for storing various data type(JSON, String, int etc) as the local cache in your Flutter app.

Null safety 👍 27

Load and cache binary asset of any type given a decoder. Built in support for byte data, images, json and text.

Null safety 👍 23

Flutter package for cache images in storage or memory from the network or Google Cloud Storage. It supports Android, iOS and Web.

Null safety 👍 22

A simple cache package for flutter. This package is a wrapper for shared preference and makes working with shared preference easier.

Null safety 👍 20

Collection of extension function of [just_audio](https://pub.dev/packages/just_audio) package for auto-handle caching audio files

Null safety 👍 19

An object-oriented package for caching user data locally in json; a combinable layer on top of local storage packages that unifies them with an elegant caching API.

Null safety 👍 12

A DB cache store implementation with Hive for dio_cache_interceptor package.

Null safety 👍 10

A neat cache abstraction for wrapping in-memory or redis caches.

Null safety 👍 4

A DB cache store implementation with Moor for dio_cache_interceptor package.

👍 32

Flutter plugin to load and cache network or firebase storage images with a retry mechanism if the download fails.

👍 23

More configurable cache manager for Flutter. Cache http get requests to mobile devices file system.