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Top Flutter Cache and Temporary Storage packages

Last updated: May 12, 2024

Caching is the process of storing data in a temporary storage area or a temporary database so that it can be accessed quickly at a later time. When a user requests a piece of data, the cache checks to see if it has a copy of that data before requesting the data from the original source. Also, it can be used to temporarily store data while the app is offline.

The complete list of Flutter packages that can help you with Caching, Temporary Storage, Cache Database and related utilities is provided below.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 5.79K
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter library to load and cache network images. Can also be used with placeholder and error widgets.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 1.51K
Maintenance Status: Good

Generic cache manager for flutter. Saves web files on the storages of the device and saves the cache info using sqflite.

flutter_cached_pdfview Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 432
Maintenance Status: Good

A package to show Native PDF View for iOS and Android, support Open from a different resource like Path, Asset or Url and Cache it.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 154
Maintenance Status: Good

A flutter package to cache network image fastly without any native dependencies.You can add beautiful loaders, percentage indicators and error builder.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 105
Maintenance Status: Good

Dart package for Async Data Loading and Caching. Combine local (DB, cache) and network data simply and safely.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 102
Maintenance Status: Good

Plugin for 'flutter_map' providing advanced caching functionality, with ability to download map regions for offline use.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 93
Maintenance Status: Good

A Flutter plugin for fetching Firestore documents with read from cache first then server

Dart 3 compatible 👍 79
Maintenance Status: Good

Dart package with build-in code generation. Simplifies and speedup creation of cache mechanism for dart classes.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 67
Maintenance Status: Good

This package helps you to cache media (Audio, Video, Image, etc...).

Dart 3 compatible 👍 43
Maintenance Status: Good

A simple library for dealing with server state in dart and flutter.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 41
Maintenance Status: Good

CacheManager implementation for firebase_storage. Uses the gs:// as key and translates to https://

Dart 3 compatible 👍 40
Maintenance Status: Good

A DB cache store implementation with Hive for dio_cache_interceptor package.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 40
Maintenance Status: Good

Load and cache binary asset of any type given a decoder. Built in support for byte data, images, json and text.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 38
Maintenance Status: Good

A Flutter library to show images from the Base64, Uint8List and keep them in the cache directory.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 37
Maintenance Status: Good

Collection of extension function of just_audio package to auto-handle caching audio files

Dart 3 compatible 👍 35
Maintenance Status: Good

An object-oriented package for caching user data locally in json; a combinable layer on top of local storage packages that unifies them.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 29
Maintenance Status: Good

Cache Manager and Cached ImageProvider for Firebase Cloud Storage Objects.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 21
Maintenance Status: Good

A neat cache abstraction for wrapping in-memory or redis caches.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 11
Maintenance Status: Good

A DB cache store implementation with Drift for dio_cache_interceptor package.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 206
Maintenance Status: Average

A new flutter plugin that is virtually a clone of official video_player plugin except that it supports caching( Android and iOS)

Dart 3 compatible 👍 52
Maintenance Status: Average

Flutter library for fetching, caching and invalidating asynchronous data.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 37
Maintenance Status: Average

A flutter package for displaying and releasing images from memory.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 32
Maintenance Status: Average

Memory Cache is simple, fast and global in-memory cache with CRUD features.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 241
Maintenance Status: Poor

http cache lib for Flutter dio like RxCache.It use sqflite as disk cache,and google/quiver-dart/LRU strategy as memory cache.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 142
Maintenance Status: Poor

API Cache Manager is a Utility package built with Flutter SDK and SQLite Package. This package will help to make your Rest API store in the local db for offline access.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 47
Maintenance Status: Poor

Cache manager to store local cache. Cache manager is wrapper for storing various data type(JSON, String, int etc) as the local cache in your Flutter app.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 22
Maintenance Status: Poor

A simple cache package for flutter. This package is a wrapper for shared preference and makes working with shared preference easier.

👍 35
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter package for cache images in storage or memory from the network or Google Cloud Storage. It supports Android, iOS and Web.

👍 114
Maintenance Status: Average

A library for loading images from network, resizing as per container size and caching while being memory sensitive.

👍 24
Maintenance Status: Average

More configurable cache manager for Flutter. Cache http get requests to mobile devices file system.

👍 32
Maintenance Status: Poor

Flutter plugin to load and cache network or firebase storage images with a retry mechanism if the download fails.