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Top Flutter ChatGPT, LLM and Generative AI packages

Last updated: July 1, 2024

Integrating ChatGPT, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Generative AI into an app can offer a wide range of benefits, enhancing user experience, engagement, and functionality. Here's how these technologies can be useful inside an app:

  1. Conversational Interfaces: ChatGPT can power chatbots and virtual assistants within the app. These conversational interfaces can handle user inquiries, provide real-time assistance, answer frequently asked questions, and guide users through various app functionalities.
  2. Customer Support: LLM-powered chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support, addressing user concerns and resolving issues without the need for human intervention. This leads to quicker response times and improved user satisfaction.
  3. Personalized Recommendations: By analyzing user behavior and preferences, Generative AI can generate personalized product recommendations, content suggestions, or activity ideas, enhancing user engagement and retention.
  4. Content Generation: Apps can use LLMs to automatically generate content such as product descriptions, user reviews, social media posts, or news articles, saving time and effort for app developers and content creators.
  5. Interactive Storytelling: LLMs can create interactive storytelling experiences within the app, allowing users to participate in dynamic and personalized narratives that respond to their input and choices.
  6. Language Translation: If the app serves a global audience, integrating language translation powered by LLMs can break down language barriers, making the app accessible to users from different linguistic backgrounds.
  7. Data Entry and Form Filling: Generative AI can assist users by generating responses and suggestions for data entry forms, making the process faster and more convenient.
  8. Voice Interfaces: By incorporating LLMs into voice-based apps, users can engage in natural and contextually relevant voice interactions, improving the overall user experience and accessibility.
  9. Content Summarization: Apps that deal with extensive content, such as news aggregators or research platforms, can use LLMs to automatically generate concise summaries, helping users quickly grasp the main points.
  10. Creative Tools: Generative AI can power creative tools within the app, such as automatic poetry generation, art prompts, or music composition suggestions, inspiring users to explore their creative side.
  11. User Engagement and Gamification: LLMs can be used to create interactive quizzes, puzzles, or games that keep users engaged, providing a unique and personalized experience.
  12. Prototyping and Idea Exploration: During app development, LLMs can help generate placeholder text, user interactions, and even assist in brainstorming sessions for app features and functionalities.
  13. Automation of Routine Tasks: LLMs can automate routine tasks within the app, such as sending reminders, scheduling appointments, or generating reports.

Generative AI packages in Flutter open a world of endless possibilities for developers seeking to add innovative and artistic elements to their applications. These packages enable the creation of dynamic and interactive visual content, personalized animations, and unique user experiences. Dive into our curated list of generative AI packages and let your imagination run wild, as you take your Flutter apps to new heights of creativity.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 696
Maintenance Status: Good

The Google AI Dart SDK enables developers to use Google's state-of-the-art generative AI models (like Gemini).

Dart 3 compatible 👍 448
Maintenance Status: Good

Dart SDK for openAI Apis (GPT-3 & DALL-E), integrate easily the power of OpenAI's state-of-the-art AI models into their Dart applications.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 289
Maintenance Status: Good

Flutter Google Gemini SDK. Google Gemini is a set of cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) designed to be the driving force behind Google's future AI initiatives.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 170
Maintenance Status: Good

Build powerful LLM-based Dart and Flutter applications with LangChain.dart.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 62
Maintenance Status: Good

Google Gemini SDK for Flutter. This package provides a powerful bridge between your Flutter application and Google's revolutionary Gemini AI.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 54
Maintenance Status: Good

The plugin allows running the Gemma AI model locally on a device from a Flutter application.

chat_gpt_flutter Card Image
Dart 3 compatible 👍 40
Maintenance Status: Good

Integration of OpenAI API using Flutter framework, ChatGPT and more

Dart 3 compatible 👍 34
Maintenance Status: Good

Fusion Brain AI is a new AI art generation tool that can create amazing images form just text prompt.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 31
Maintenance Status: Good

AI-Powered Swiss Army Knife API for every software developer.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 31
Maintenance Status: Good

Chat GPT wrapper for flutter apps witten in dart language. Initial release supports Text Completion, Code Completion and Image Generation

Dart 3 compatible 👍 13
Maintenance Status: Good

AubAI brings you on-device gen-AI capabilities, including offline text generation and more, directly within your app.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 10
Maintenance Status: Good

A comprehensive SDK for interacting with the Together AI API. Supports chat, text, and image generation with various models including Llama 3.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 10
Maintenance Status: Good

This is an unofficial Dart/Flutter client for the Mistral AI API.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 2
Maintenance Status: Good

Dart CLI for generate commit messages with OpenAI

Dart 3 compatible 👍 99
Maintenance Status: Average

Flutter/Dart API around ChatGPT for the unofficial ChatGPT API.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 48
Maintenance Status: Average

An unofficial, platform independent, client for accessing different AI models developed by OpenAI.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 34
Maintenance Status: Average

Openai library whisper unofficial for recognition audio to text without heavy gpu, support server side and client side.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 24
Maintenance Status: Average

This Flutter package allows you to easily integrate OpenAI's API services into your Flutter application.

Dart 3 compatible 👍 55
Maintenance Status: Poor

A Flutter implementation of DialogFlow improved. Get your chatbots ready in no time.

👍 284
Maintenance Status: Good

create chat bot and other bot with ChatGPT SDK Support GPT-4 , 3.5 and SSE Generate Prompt (Stream)

👍 50
Maintenance Status: Poor

Flutter package for makes it easy to integrate dialogflow and support dialogflow v2

👍 6
Maintenance Status: Poor

A simple client for Flutter and Dart to talk to your Wit.ai app